Restored Being’s Mission Statement: To see victims learn how to live in VICTORY.

Restored Beings is an organization dedicated to empowering victims of emotional injury in order to take back their emotional health and live in victory through our lord Jesus Christ. Sher and Barb Takahashi’s vision began long ago as facilitators of emotional support groups in San Diego, California. They continue to help hundreds navigate the wounds that can occur as a result of trauma, separation, and divorce.

In addition to continuing their outreach classes (such as DivorceCare, DC4K, and Healing for Damaged Emotions), Restored Beings will now provide facilitator training, allowing others to continue their vision for healing, help, and hope.

Our vision is two-fold:

To Provide Ongoing Support Classes in San Diego, California

We will continue to provide emotional and educational support in a safe setting to all members of San Diego families dealing with the devastation that can result from divorce, separation, or trauma. Please click HERE for the church’s support group page, and scroll down to DivorceCare for dates and times.

Currently, we are meeting in Rancho San Diego at Skyline Church. Not in San Diego and need divorce support group near you? Please click HERE to search the DivorceCare website for a class near you.

To Provide Training Seminars for Program Facilitators

Facilitators of DivorceCare, DivorceCare for Kids, and Healing for Damaged Emotions need guidance, bible-based wisdom, and practical advice from experienced leaders. Whether you are in San Diego or a small town in Iowa, we can facilitate a training session to meet your needs.

Whether we are able to meet with you in person or using online face to face meeting software, our goal is to equip you with everything you need to facilitate programs to the hurting.

You can find a schedule of upcoming training seminars on our home page, or click HERE. (As of 7/21/18, schedule is to be announced).


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